Paraclete Wood Products is a two man business, father
and son, all of our products are hand made, assembled
by hand and finished by hand.

We have found a nice niche in both a “Traditional” and
“Contemporary” theme that presents itself to the many
collectors of America. If you are a collector of anything
that requires an attractive shelf on which to set your
collectables on, we might have or be able to make
what you need!

In addition to collectable shelving, you will find a variety
of coat & hat rack items; quilt racks; mirrors; and the
totally unique Hatsaddle for your fine western hats.

We also offer free woodworking information that may be
of service to many home craft persons who might have
questions about their own special wood related projects.

This can be found at Free Woodworking Info
and will provide many valuable resources from doing
projects wrong, and more importantly, doing them right!.