Getting Solar Powered Water Fountains For Outdoor Garden

If you love all things green, in other words, environmentally friendly, then a solar-powered outdoor fountain is the perfect idea when you want to add a little pizzazz to your outdoor area. There are lots of different fountains that you can get and you will find that there are sizes and styles to suit everyone. The best thing about these solar-powered water fountains for the outdoor garden is that they are affordable. Of course you will want to have your outdoor garden fountains turned on as often as possible, otherwise what is the point of using it, but it does cost a lot in electricity to have it running all day. This is why getting a solar-powered outdoor fountain is the best option.

You can also relax in the knowledge that your garden solar powered fountains will give you the best possible option for a great feature because they are so easy to install and use. You don’t have to hassle with electricity and finding a place where you can plug it in. You can then also forget about running cables and making sure that they are safe. You can place your fountain wherever you like and the solar power will do the rest. The pump, as well as the lights, are driven by solar power.

The way that the solar panels work is that they store the energy from the sun throughout the day. This means that at night you will have lights on your fountain and you will also enjoy the trickling water if you like. You can also switch it off easily and this stored energy will be there when you turn it on the next day.

So, where can you buy a large outdoor water fountain? Well, there are a lot of places on the internet. Your solar powered outdoor fountain will be the perfect addition to your home and will make your garden look spectacular and ready for any guests. It will look perfect for you too and you can use it as a feature or in a secluded corner where you have a table and chairs for reading and relaxing.

Mix this Solar powered feature with an outside stereo system to make an instant outside area where you can entertain guests and provide a pleasant atmosphere. With only these items you are able to instantly transform any part of your garden into a magical wonderland.

Why Using a Keyless Safe is Key

This is considered one of the most vital pieces of furniture that you will ever own, reason being that a Keyless Handgun Safe is a valuable item in its own right. The point of access on theses types of safes are those that are not easy to get into. Access points will either be on the top or front of the safe. A Keyless Handgun Safe is considered safer than any safe that has been produced.

Keyless handgun safe

If you have an emergency, you are rest assured  that there is no one besides yourself that will be able to access the safe, unless there is more than one person that you have granted access to. Keyless safes are either opened with a keypad, your fingerprint, or by means of a retinal scanner. If you choose a safe that needs to read your fingerprint, bear in mind that you are able to program more than two hundred users at a time. This is not something that you would ever need, but should you require more than one person to have access to your handguns, the option is there.

Many of the safes that are made with this access points are known to be very easy on the eye, the idea here is to make sure that you know what it is that you are looking for. If you do settle for a keyless handgun safe that is either accessed from the top or front, the one thing that you have to bear in mind is the safety of the rest of the family members. If you have little kids before to read up on your states law with regards to owning weapons and storing them. You can store all of your hunting equipment in the keyless safe provided it is installed in an area that little kids cannot get access to. These types of safes often do not need to be installed into the wall ( although they can be) You can simply just store it in the top of a cupboard. 

The V-Line safes that are produced, is one that has the easiest installation as well as an easy to read manual. You are able to mount this line of safes on top of surface or you could even make use of a mounting bracket. The main idea here is to keep it out of reach of the kids, even if they are not able to open it; their curiosity is something that will never be fed.

V-Line Safe

A Keyless Handgun safe are those that is considered more safe than any other safe, by this it means you would not have to worry about losing a key and not having access to your safe. There are many more positives that this type of safe has in comparison to any other. The fact that you are able to use biometric measures is one thing that makes this trusted on its own. There is no person that is able to get hold of your pin code; the only way that this could happen is if you give it to them. The biometric systems are one that cannot be hacked at all. So when you do consider purchasing a safe, make sure that it is form a keyless range.

Welcome to The Home of The Original Hat Saddle

Paraclete Wood Products “Home Of the Hatsaddle” has been family owned and operated since 1968. We manufacture over 80 products, both stock and custom, for the gift & collectables industry, all made of wood, and all “Made in Oregon”.

Popular Products


This Hatsaddle gives you all the features of the Single plus it has a shaker peg to hang your coat. (Hangs One Hat w/shaker peg)


This Hatsaddle is just as unique as the single the difference is you can hang two hats. (Hangs Two Hats)

Hatsaddle-Double w/mirror

This Hatsaddle gives you ability to hang two hats plus it has an oval mirror in the center. (Hangs Two Hats w/mirror)


America’s most unique hat rack- The Original Hatsaddle is a fine crafted product of function that will keep your Western Hats blocked and in shape while letting you display them for all to see. (Hangs One Hat)


This Hatsaddle was designed for the car/truck. Easily bended to fit most seats. Keeps your hat off the seat and out of danger of being sat on or crushed! (Hangs One Hat-for the Car/Truck)


This Hatsaddle is unique in the fact that it is in the shape of the state of Texas. (Hangs One Hat)

Hook Board-Apple

This hook board has four Brass hooks with porcelain knobs. Also has leather stems.
Mini Four Shelf w/facia

This attractive shelf is perfect for miniatures. Has four small 2 1/2 inch shelves with a facia and carving.

Our hat saddles have been featured on Outer Optics – Hunting Optics and American Cowboy – Cowboy Magazine.

A Guide to Buying a Used Backhoe

We use a backhoe frequently on the farm and regularly get asked advice about its operation, costs etc. Are you looking for a loader backhoe for sale? It is important that you find one that is of high quality and suits the purposes you need it for; if not then you risk acquiring a piece of equipment that will only end up giving you a frustrating time. However, when you purchase the right loader backhoe for sale you will find that work will go easier than ever before. This article will give you a brief overview of new and used backhoe sales so that you will have the best chance possible of purchasing the right equipment for your needs.


The first step to finding the right loader backhoe for sale is to determine the model that will best suit your needs. You must also decide whether or not you even need a backhoe at all; another piece of equipment such as a small excavator or a skid steer loader may be more appropriate. In general, you will need a backhoe if the work you require of it will primarily be midrange digging and loading. You will need more power than the smaller machines will be able to provide, but it will be a less expensive purchase compared to the pricier excavators.

In order to help yourself determine which loader backhoe for sale you will need, first figure out how deep you will have to dig. If you will only have to dig holes that are roughly eight to ten feet deep, then you will probably make out fine with a smaller model. On the other hand, if you need to dig fourteen to sixteen feet deep holes, then you will probably require a full sized model. Since you will most likely be using this equipment to load dump trucks to carry off the dirt, make sure the model you purchase has a high enough lift height to do so effectively.

The next step to choosing the best loader backhoe for sale is determining which attachments you need. These days there are more uses for this equipment than ever before, but you will only have to set up your particular model for jobs that it will need to perform on a regular basis. If you are going to be using a large variety of attachments on your backhoe, then it will be a good idea to invest in an integrated tool carrier or a quick coupler.

There are several other important things to take into consideration when you are at new and used backhoe sales, such as choosing the right stabilizer, four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, and cabs. You also need to keep in mind the size of the bucket. If it’s a really large bucket you’ll need to have a truck or rent a truck to transport it to and from the farm. We have a really small backhoe with a small bucket you can put on your ladder rack or top carrier, for example. If you will be driving around larger sized work sites, an automatic transmission may also be in order. Finally, remember that OSHA requires these backhoes to have adequate protection from rollovers. Fully enclosed cabs are one such protective measure that must be taken.

Camping lantern

Take Electricity With You: Portable Solar Generators

Portable solar generators, which create power using complex processes and utilizing the sun as a driving force, are popular for use on sites located away from traditional electric grids. Among other uses for portable solar generators are camping, fishing, and hunting as well as use on building sites situated far away from any industrial area or new developments that have not been set up with electricity yet. These people also like to make use of various other solar technology, including solar ovens, solar chargers, and solar camping lanterns.

The rise to popularity in solar power, which in turn led to the rise of popularity in solar powered generators, began a very long time ago in the 1860s when the early development of solar technologies was driven by an expectation that coal would soon become scarce. However, development of solar technologies stagnated in the early 20th century in the face of the increasing availability, economy, and utility of coal and petroleum. The continued development stopped and started over the next 100 years, experiencing its next big surge in 1973 with the oil crisis. Development was once again, however, put on hold in the 80s when oil prices stabilized. Since 2006 it has been economical for investors to install photovoltaics for free in return for a long-term power purchase agreement. 50% of commercial systems were installed in this manner in 2007. A long journey like that was what led to the current availability of portable solar power generators.

Due to the sun setting, solar energy is not available at night, making energy storage an important issue in order to provide the continuous availability of energy. Both wind power and solar power are not guaranteed, meaning that all available electricity must be gathered up when it is available and either stored or sold and transported to another place where it can and will be used. Many people make use of diesel backup generators to ensure a constant supply of electricity. Salts are an effective storage medium because they are low-cost, have a high specific heat capacity and can deliver heat at temperatures compatible with conventional power systems, have the potential to eliminate the intermittent of solar power, by storing spare solar power in the form of heat; and using this heat overnight or during periods that solar power is not available to produce electricity.

Solar installations have in the last ten years or so begun to become more popular in residential areas with governments encouraging the process and offering incentive programs to increase the level of green energy used. With people’s increased knowledge of and access to solar power, portable solar generators became more popular for a variety of applications and electricity is now – in theory available anywhere anytime as long as the sun is shining and you have a generator, a portable solar panel, and portable solar chargers.

Solar energy generators provide a reliable return on investment, with modules typically lasting 25 to 40 years and with a payback on investment of between 8 to 12 years. Financial incentives supporting the installation of solar power generation are aimed at increasing demand for solar photovoltaics such that they can become competitive with conventional methods of energy production. Portable solar generators make camping and traveling a real joy and can even be used to power small household appliances.


Narwhals Use Tusks to Stun Prey – Drone Footage Reveals

Narwhals are usually known as the “unicorns” of the deep-sea due to the long “tusks” that project from the creatures’ heads, however scientists have for quite some time been puzzled about the capacity of this secretive extremity — as of recently.

Drone footage of wild narwhals has uncovered that the whales utilize their tusks to chase angle. The tusk is really a tooth that spirals out of the upper jaw on male narwhals, and can reach out to around 10 feet (3 meters) in length, as indicated by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Canada. While scientists think the tusk’s, essential capacity identifies with choosing a mate, these new perceptions indicate narwhals have another utilization for the tusks.

Specialists from WWF-Canada worked with a group of scientists from numerous associations to catch this first-of-its kind film, which was a piece of a pilot venture to utilize unmanned airborne vehicles (UAVs or drones) to study narwhal conduct in Tremblay Sound in Nunavut, Canada.

The drone-empowered perceptions give the main indisputable logical proof of the narwhal utilizing its tusk, WWF-Canada authorities said in an announcement. Since there are such a large number of versatility alternatives accessible these days for conveying drones even in submerged, for example, waterproof drone case, backpacks, and so forth., scientists can without much of a stretch make use of drone, even in deep water.

“This recording, while additionally staggering to watch, will assume a huge part later on of narwhal preservation,” David Mill operator, president and Chief of WWF-Canada, said in the announcement. “As the Cold warms and advancement weight builds, it will be critical to see how narwhal are utilizing their natural surroundings amid their yearly relocation. With this data close by, we can work to limit the impacts of human exercises on narwhal.”

Past research on the narwhal tusk found that the creatures additionally utilize this tooth to help “see” by means of echolocation. Without a hard polish to secure it, the tooth is profoundly delicate and gives narwhals “a developmental preferred standpoint” over other echolocating species, scientists detailed in a recent report. Although logical research on the whale has progressed, and there is an abundance of customary Inuit information about the species, the narwhal is as yet hard to ponder, in light of the fact that the creatures live in a testing situation, said Nigel Hussey, a specialist at the College of Windsor in Canada. Drones could help with this, additional Hussey, who was included in the current perceptions.

“These information’s demonstrate the estimation of direct perception to comprehend creature conduct and nature, additionally highlight the essential part of innovation in current science,” Hussey said. “Joining perceptions of creature conduct from customary information, unmanned vehicles and measurable displaying of following information now give an exhaustive tool kit to better deal with these famous sea-going species.”

How We Use Plastic RV Plumbing Fittings Are Ideal To Camp In Style

stainless-steel-pipe-fittingsPlastic RV plumbing fittings can provide your RV with the comforts of civilization whether you choose to make camp on a baking savanna or in lush wilderness. After all, even amongst die hard camping freaks there are few who would sing the joys of walking a quarter mile in pouring rain just to reach an outhouse with a long drop, or of being forced to wash dishes at a spigot. And the delights of nature become far less bittersweet when you don’t have to bathe in a freezing outdoor shower, but have your own geyser along for the ride. Below I’ve outlined a couple of the issues involved in using plastic RV plumbing fittings and plumbing lines.

The first challenge you’re likely to face when it comes to your RV plumbing system is getting water into the vehicle. Now, in case you haven’t read your vehicle’s manual, drinking water comes in through the RV’s fresh water fill, while water for flushing the toilet comes in through the city water inlet. It would be best if, when putting fresh water into your RV, you use a hose actually designed for transferring drinking water, rather than a plain green garden hose, which can make the water taste unpalatably rubbery.

Another thing you should take under consideration is that plastic RV plumbing fittings are predominantly designed to work under pressures of between 40 and 60 PSI, and so at best might be able to work under pressures of around 100 PSI. This might represent a problem given that city water pressures can run as high as 150 PSI, especially in unregulated areas. Thus you may want to install a pressure regulator on the line running from your city water inlet. These are actually pretty cheap, and easy to install – all you need to do is screw one onto the end of the hose, and presto, you’ve got insurance against damage to your plumbing system.

Now, if you’ve got an old RV, there’s always a possibility that the pipes are unsatisfactory. This could be due to your RV being fitted with old-school copper piping, which is susceptible to corrosion and lead-leaking, or because it was originally fitted with thin wall plastic RV plumbing fittings, which are easily damaged, especially amidst the debris of offroad RV travel. Thus, it’s in your interest, regardless of whether or not you currently have any problem with the workings of your RV plumbing system, to look for a product that isn’t going to fail you when you need it most, out in the wilderness far away from repair shop technicians.

From a practical perspective you need to keep in mind that you might be working in a tight dark space. Depending on the amount of space you have I suggest using something like a LED flashlight, it’s provides better light than a conventional flashlight. If that doesn’t work try to place your LED camping lantern in a solid spot somewhere. This will also free up both hands for work.. and you should have this with you on any camping trip in any case.

Probably the best move in such a circumstance is to go for PEX plumbing. PEX is the common abbreviation for cross-linked polyethylene, a substance strong and reliable enough that it’s commonly used not only for domestic water pumping and hydronic radiant heating systems, but also for transportation of offshore oil and natural gas. The John Guest BPEX line of plastic RV plumbing fittings is perfect for the plumbing of both cold and hot water services in motor homes and RVs.